Novel Multifunction Filter using Current Feedback Amplifier


  • Dr. Nisha Walde Professor, IIMT, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Gr. Noida.
  • Mr. Prashant Kumar Mavi IIMT, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India



Active Filter, Current Feedback, Operational Amplifier, Voltage-Mode


One configuration for realizing voltage- mode multifunction filters using current feedback amplifiers (CFOA) is presented. The proposed voltage -mode circuit exhibit simultaneously low pass and band pass filters. The proposed circuits offer the following features: No requirements for component matching conditions; low active and passive sensitivities; employing only grounded capacitors and the ability to obtain multifunction filters from the same circuit configuration.


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Walde, . D. N. ., & Mavi, M. P. K. . (2021). Novel Multifunction Filter using Current Feedback Amplifier. Transactions on Networks and Communications, 9(1), 18–21.