Two Piscan Aeromonas Vaccine Strategies

  • Ibrahim M S Shnawa University Of Qasim College Of Biotechnology Department of Biotechnology Qasim,Babylon IRAQ.
  • Bshar E Ah Alsady Middle Technical University, Technical College of Agriculture ,Mussiab. Babylon IRAQ.
  • Sermad Jalel Middle Technical University, Technical College of Agriculture ,Mussiab. Babylon IRAQ.
Keywords: Aeromonas, Agglutinins, Homologous, Heterologous, Strategy, Vaccines.


A piscan Aeromonas ulcerative infection episode  was revisiting  Babylon province,   IRAQ at 2018 following to that of 2015.. Two Aeromonas  hydrophila  vaccines are being developed  and delivered in two strategies  for common carp fish . First the  heterologous  prime-boost and second the homologous   prime boost in combination with Alhagi Root Adjuvant[HRA] 3.5 gm/kg ration. These strategies were as, heat killed[AHKV] prime-live[AHLV] and HPA-AHLV prime-AHLV boost    with   immunogenicity group, infection group and sham controls in an aquaculture system provided with an optimal   culture conditions. Both of Heterologous and homologous  prime boost proved to be immunogenic as determined from A. hydrophila specific serum agglutinins which was of up to titre of 1280  and 2560 with survival rate of 100% and duration of immunity to three to  six weeks post to the initial vaccination for the survived fish. The developmental evaluation criteria of both  of  vaccines were matching to that of other workers .In this aquaculture system. preconditioning with HPA for 21 days before  vaccination was  found  comparable  to vaccination with dead prime vaccine in the sense of; immunogenicity    and  survival rate and safety .Wider  application of these two vaccination strategies in the  natural conditions of commercial fish farming ponds is being an inherent need  for confirmation of the present findings


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