Modified Self-Organizing Map Algorithm for Brain Tumor Detection and Analysis Using Magnetic Resonance Brain Images

  • Isselmou Abd El kader Hebei University of Technology
Keywords: MRI, brain tumor detection, modified self-organizing map, accuracy values


medical image processing play an important role to help radiologists and support their decisions in diagnosis of the patient, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has ability to diagnosis the small details in the human body with a high resolution; in this paper, we propose modified self-organizing map algorithm (MSOM) for brain tumor detection and analysis using magnetic resonance brain images the significance of the (MSOM) algorithm is ability to detect tumor area in the magnetic resonance brain image (MRI) clearly with a high accuracy and best performance according of different values, the advantage of method proposed can segment and detect different types of MRI brain images FLAIR, T1 and T2-weight  images with same performance and accuracy, the (MSOM) method start through input magnetic resonance brain image (MRI) and preprocessing applied to remove the noise from the image, applied modified self-organizing map (MSOM), applied tumor area, performance of the method, finally the applied of modified self-organizing map (MSOM) gave a best results us shown in the results.