Approach to Detecting Forest Fire by Image Processing Captured from IP Cameras


  • Bao Quang Tran Vietnam National University of Forestry
  • Nguyen Thi Hoa Department of Resources and Environment, Vietnam National University of Forestry at Dong Nai.



Forest fire, Smoke and Fire Detection, DCT, IP Camera, Images Processing


In this paper, the results show an algorithm to detect the presence of smoke and flame using image sequences captured by Internet Protocol (IP) cameras is represented. The important characteristics of smoke such as color, motion and growth properties are employed to detect fire. For the efficient smoke and fire detection in the captured images by the IP camera, a detection algorithm must operate directly in the Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) domain to reduce computational weigh, avoiding a complete decoding process required for algorithms that operate in spatial domain. In order to assess the possibility and the accuracy of proposed algorithm, the author used the video sequences which are captured by IP camera from control forest fire at different spatial location and levels of fire intensity. Evaluation results illustrated the efficiency of the proposed algorithm in effectively detecting forest fires with accuracy at 97%.


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